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At Fault Accident

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At Fault Accident

What Are My Rights If I am at Fault for an Accident?

Good people make honest mistakes.  It’s as simple as that. We wish car accidents would never happen, but sometimes they do, and sometimes you are the one at fault.    If you were hurt as a result of a car accident that you are at fault for, you are still entitled to certain benefits from your own insurance company.  That’s right, even if the car accident is your fault, everyone is entitled to the same range of benefits from their own insurance company. This is essentially what is meant by the term, “no-fault” insurance that you may of heard of.  It does not mean that no is at fault for the accident, it just means that if you are injured as a result of a car accident in Ontario, then you must deal with your own insurance company first in order to access benefits available to you.  Click here to see the list of benefits available to you.


At Pranzitelli Law Firm, we can represent you with your case against your own insurance company.  Why do you need a lawyer you might ask? Well, insurance companies do not like to pay out claims, or pay you what your claim is worth.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can assist with this and ensure you get the benefits and possible settlement that you deserve. Contact Pranzitelli Law today for a free consultation.


If the accident was not your fault, you would also have the right to sue the at-fault party.  However, since you are at fault, this is not a viable option. You should also be prepared to be sued by the other party if they were injured as a result of the accident, however whether or not you make a claim to your insurance company, does not impact this.  


If you do get sued, make sure to notify your insurance company right away and notify them of this.  As long as you had a valid policy at the time of the accident, then they will defend you up the policy limits you purchased indemnity for.  In the event that you did not have insurance at the time of the collision and you are sued by the other party, you will need to defend yourself


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