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Motor Vehicle Accident

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Hit and Run Car Accident

WHAT IS A HIT AND RUN CAR ACCIDENT?   While all accidents are terrifying, Hit and Run accidents add the extra element of instant stress and anxiety.  Not only are you dealing with the injuries you likely just sustained, but your mind is also racing with thoughts and fears of insurance, who will pay my bills, who will cover my medical treatment and who will cover the cost of your vehicle repair.     There is no single type of Hit and Run Accident  They happen quickly and without warning, they can occur on highways, residential roads, and even in parking lots.   What is...

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At Fault Accident

What Are My Rights If I am at Fault for an Accident? Good people make honest mistakes.  It’s as simple as that. We wish car accidents would never happen, but sometimes they do, and sometimes you are the one at fault.    If you were hurt as a result of a car accident that you are at fault for, you are still entitled to certain benefits from your own insurance company.  That’s right, even if the car accident is your fault, everyone is entitled to the same range of benefits from their own insurance company. This is essentially what is meant...

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Insurance Won’t Pay What My Car is Worth


My Insurance Company Won't Pay Me What My Car is Worth Your driving along on Highway 400 in King City, excited for a weekend trip up at the cottage.  Traffic begins to slow down ahead and of you, and as a prudent driver, you carefully slow down and come to a complete stop with a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.  Unfortunately for you, the driver behind you is texting while driving, while their stereo is on full blast listening to Justin Timberlake. They were not paying attention and slam into the back of your vehicle. ...

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What to do as a Pedestrian if you are Hit by a Car:

What to do as a Pedestrian if you are hit by a Car: It is best to remember that it does not matter who was at fault because you can still collect compensation/accident benefits (No-fault Benefits).  As well, with Pedestrian Accidents, there is a reverse onus placed on the driver of the Motor Vehicle. Here are some steps you can take if you are hit by an vehicle: 1.File a police report (you’ll likely do this at the scene if you’re able, if not, in the hospital or shortly thereafter) 2.Go see your doctor, Your well-being is most important! 3.Notify your insurance company of the...

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What to do After a Car Accident?

WHAT TO DO AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT: Motor Vehicle Accidents are terrifying.  No matter how large or small the Collision, you will surely be left in shock, and often wondering what to do next.   Ontario Law requires you to immediately stop at the scene of the accident.  If you are injured (even minor injuries) you must call 911.  By calling 911 the Police and Ambulance would be dispatched. When speaking with 911, they will often ask you if you are injured.  Saying no to them, will almost certainly prompt them to instruct you to drive to a collision centre nearest to you...

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