In Ontario, we are home to some beautiful species of animals, including deer, elk, and even moose.  These beautiful majestic creatures are part of our habitat and share this wonderful land with us. Tragically, on some occasions, this can lead to significant accidents on our roads and highways, when we are unable to stop our vehicles in time to avoid a collision.


Often times, due to the sheer size of some of these Ontario wild animals, an accident will not only result in property damage to your vehicle, but it may also result in injuries to the occupants of the vehicle.  Did you you know, that as a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle involved in an accident with a wild animal on an Ontario road, you are still entitled to benefits through your own insurance company? It’s true, if you were hurt as a result of an accident with a deer or wild animal, you can still access medical and rehabilitation benefits, attendant care benefits and income replacement benefits (if missing work as a result of the accident) and other benefits under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule.


If you have been injured after a collision with a deer, a moose, or any other large wild animal, you should contact Pranzitelli Law Firm today, in order to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your own insurance company.  Call us today for a free consultation. Remember at Pranzitelli Law Firm, all personal injury matters come with our no win no fee contingent retainers, meaning you don’t pay anything, until we’ve recovered money for you.