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Hit and Run Car Accident

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Hit and Run Car Accident



While all accidents are terrifying, Hit and Run accidents add the extra element of instant stress and anxiety.  Not only are you dealing with the injuries you likely just sustained, but your mind is also racing with thoughts and fears of insurance, who will pay my bills, who will cover my medical treatment and who will cover the cost of your vehicle repair.  


There is no single type of Hit and Run Accident  They happen quickly and without warning, they can occur on highways, residential roads, and even in parking lots.   What is important for victims of Hit and Run Accidents to know, is that as Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians who are struck by another driver who fails to remain at the scene should try and get as much information as possible under the circumstances to assist themselves and their legal representatives with processing a successful claim.


At Pranzitelli Law Firm, we can help you through this difficult process, and take the administrative burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on your health. However what you do at the scene of the Hit and Run Accident, will make a profound difference.  



If you are involved in a Hit and Run Accident, it is important to take the following steps:


  1. If you or someone is injured, make sure to call 911 and let them know you are injured and require an ambulance.  You also need to inform the 911 operator that the accident was a hit an run.
  2. If you are able to, it is very important to take as many pictures of the accident scene as possible.  Take pictures of your vehicle, of any debris on the ground, of the nearest street sign (for a location identifier), pictures of tire marks or any other aspect of the accident if possible, including any visible injuries.  
  3. Of course, if you are able to have identified the license plate number, you should also record that before you forget.  As well write down the make and model of the vehicle that hit you, as well as the colour.  
  4. Seek out witnesses.  This is very important.  If there is anyone that may have seen the accident, ask them very kindly to stay and give a statement to the police.  You should also ask them for their name and phone number.  
  5. Look around to see if you can identify any security cameras.  If so you can inform the police of this, so they can request copies of them.  
  6. Notify your insurance company of the accident as soon as possible and at most, within 24 hours.  
  7. Contact a Hit and Run Personal Injury Lawyer such as Pranzitelli Law Firm who can assist you with the process.  


Although stressful, Ontario Insurance law mandates uninsured coverage for every driver of the Province.  This means that even if the vehicle who struck you did not have insurance, or in the event that vehicle cannot be located, then you will still have coverage available to you, through this Uninsured/Unidentified Motor Vehicle Coverage.  Contact Pranzitelli Law Firm today so we can walk you through the process.  


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