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What to do After a Car Accident?

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What to do After a Car Accident?


Motor Vehicle Accidents are terrifying.  No matter how large or small the Collision, you will surely be left in shock, and often wondering what to do next.


Ontario Law requires you to immediately stop at the scene of the accident.  If you are injured (even minor injuries) you must call 911.  By calling 911 the Police and Ambulance would be dispatched. When speaking with 911, they will often ask you if you are injured.  Saying no to them, will almost certainly prompt them to instruct you to drive to a collision centre nearest to you and report the collision there.  Its important to have police and ambulance attend the scene of the accident.  You will want a police officer to survey the scene, weight the evidence and determine who is at fault for the collision, and levy the appropriate charge/fine.  With that being said, you should not move your vehicle unless it is in a dangerous situation or the police ask you to move it.


Do not try to move the injured occupants of your vehicle unless their lives are in immediate danger. Obtain the information of the drivers of all vehicles involved in the accident. Obtain their full names, addresses, drivers licence numbers and insurance information.If a police officer is present at the scene, obtain his business card or his badge number. Obtain a copy of a police report if the officer has filled out a report.  Do not talk to anyone about the accident other than the police. Do not make a statement to anyone other than the police.


If there are witnesses at the scene of the accident, write down their names and telephone numbers.If you have a camera at hand, take some pictures of the damage that was caused to your vehicle and the other vehicle. Make sure that your licence plate is visible when taking the pictures.  Seek immediate medical help if you are injured.  You may go directly to the hospital by ambulance or you may visit your family doctor or walk-in clinic immediately thereafter, but it is important to report your injuries immediately.  Report the accident to your insurance company detailing the circumstances of the accident and your injuries that you sustained.If you need immediate help before you talk to your insurance company then you may call us so that we could discuss the claims procedure with you, your entitlement to accident benefits and any other questions you may have about liability issues absolutely free of any charge.


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