Slip and Falls

Slip and Falls

No matter the circumstances of your slip and fall, an owner or operator of a business has an active duty to ensure the safety of those who enter their premises. If negligence on the part of an owner or operator of a property has led to your slip and fall, you may be able to commence a lawsuit against the negligent party.

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In any slip and fall case the onus is on you the injured party to prove negligence on the party responsible for the property.  No matter what type of injury you have sustained as the result of your slip and fall, you may be able to recover damages from the negligent party.  Visit Pranzitelli Law today and let us provide you with the advice and expertise needed to recover fair compensation from the negligent party.

Don’t Delay

It is important to remember that the details of a Slip and Fall should be reported to the negligent party as soon as possible, in order to allow them to investigate the area soon after the fall occurred.  When the negligent party is a Municipality, they require notice no later than 10 days after the incident.  If you have had a slip and fall, contact Pranzitelli Law as soon as possible in order to preserve your rights.

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