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Insurance Won’t Pay What My Car is Worth


My Insurance Company Won't Pay Me What My Car is Worth Your driving along on Highway 400 in King City, excited for a weekend trip up at the cottage.  Traffic begins to slow down ahead and of you, and as a prudent driver, you carefully slow down and come to a complete stop with a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.  Unfortunately for you, the driver behind you is texting while driving, while their stereo is on full blast listening to Justin Timberlake. They were not paying attention and slam into the back of your vehicle. ...

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Pedestrian Struck by Motor Vehicle

Pedestrians have the right of way as long as they are abiding by Ontario Law Here at PRANZITELLI LAW FIRM we will present you with your needs as a victim of a hit and run or a pedestrian who has been injured by a vehicle. Pedestrians are always on the receiving end of an injury when hit by a vehicle. It is becoming more and more common that pedestrians are losing loved ones, or are receiving injuries due to pedestrian-motorist collisions here in Ontario.  If you have been injured by any contact with a vehicle and you are seeking compensation or...

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What to do After a Car Accident?

WHAT TO DO AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT: Motor Vehicle Accidents are terrifying.  No matter how large or small the Collision, you will surely be left in shock, and often wondering what to do next.   Ontario Law requires you to immediately stop at the scene of the accident.  If you are injured (even minor injuries) you must call 911.  By calling 911 the Police and Ambulance would be dispatched. When speaking with 911, they will often ask you if you are injured.  Saying no to them, will almost certainly prompt them to instruct you to drive to a collision centre nearest to you...

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