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When to Hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer?

When a person becomes disabled due to illness or injury, there is a huge physical, mental, and financial strain on them. There are options like long-term disability insurance to help people in such situations, but unfortunately, the insurer’s outright refusal makes things worse for the victim. Thus, if a person is unable to work due to a long-term disability and has long-term disability Insurance (LTD), they should consult with an experienced LTD attorney as soon as possible to improve their chances of success. Many people don’t hire an attorney until they are denied long-term disability benefits. If you are denied your...

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If I am at fault for the accident, am I still entitled to any benefits?

If you were responsible for an accident in Ontario - whether you struck another vehicle, pedestrian, or even a cyclist, you are still entitled to receive support in the form of Statutory Accident Benefits. You might be wondering, what are Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS)? SABS is a form of no-fault insurance. This means that a driver may recover Accident Benefits, regardless of their fault. If the accident renders you unable to work or perform basic daily tasks, like getting dressed or fed, you are eligible for benefits and/or compensation. Under SABS, you can be eligible for the following benefits: Income Replacement...

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What are structured settlements in Ontario Personal Injury Law?

Structured settlements are compensation a plaintiff receives for their injuries in installments over a fixed period of time. They are strictly available for people negotiating personal injury settlements. A structured settlement can be tailored to the plaintiff's needs, with compensation distributed in bi-weekly or monthly increments over a minimum of five years, or delivered as a lump sum years down the road. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can customize them as you like. The structure, however, cannot be modified once it has been confirmed. Why Should You Choose a Structured Settlement? Settlement money is typically used...

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Distracted Driving in Ontario

Distracted driving is a rapidly growing problem that impacts hundreds of Ontarians every day. Nowadays, it’s almost an even bigger problem than impaired driving; in fact, distracted driving causes 8 in 10 collisions in Canada. Distracted driving is defined as “the practice of driving a motor vehicle while engaged in another activity, typically one that involves the use of a mobile phone or other electronic device.” Distracted driving laws in Ontario typically only apply to using handheld devices, like your phone, and electronic entertainment devices, such as a DVD player or e-reader. Simply holding one of these devices while driving can...

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