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Simple or Uncontested Divorce Divorce can be a hard and confusing topic to understand. There are essentially three types of divorce - simple uncontested divorce, joint uncontested divorce, and divorce with other contested relief.       Uncontested divorce, also known as simple divorce, is when you and your ex partner agree to divorce. This varies from contested divorce. The word “contested” means to oppose or engage in competition to attain authority and/or power. Contested divorce refers to not agreeing over the different aspects of a divorce, including the distribution of assets or child custody. Uncontested divorce allows spouses to remain civil while dividing their marital...

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Why Is It Necessary to Hire a Lawyer in Slip and Fall Accidents?

There are a few kinds of personal injury cases in which you don’t need to hire a lawyer, and you will be just fine making a claim on your own after a minor accident or injury where the driver was clearly at fault. But this is not the case with most slip and fall cases. For two reasons, such cases are not fine for self-representation. First, the fault of a person in a slip and fall case is usually not clear and property owners usually don’t accept legal responsibility until the liability is obvious. Secondly, it is common for defendants to...

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