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Canadians Injured In the US

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aCanadian residents often travel back and forth across the border for both employment and of course recreation.  Unfortunately accidents happen no matter which country you are driving in. This can result in Canadians being injured while in while in the United States.  


In most cases, Ontario residents will still have access to their own Accident Benefits coverage through their own insurance company (Medical & Rehabilitation Benefits, income replacement….).  Additionally, you may be able to pursue damages in the US for your pain and suffering and other damages not covered by an Ontario Insurance Policy.  Depending on the circumstances of the accident and applicable insurance, benefits may be available in both Ontario and the U.S. State in which you were injured.  Our experienced Canadian personal injury lawyers can help you choose the legal options that secure maximum recovery for your injury. The law in this area can be complex. As experienced personal injury lawyers, we offer the high-quality legal advice you require.


If you were injured in a car accident while in the US, you should speak to an Ontario personal injury lawyer to learn about your rights.   In addition to assisting Ontario residents in obtaining benefits which may be available in Canada, we can also coordinate with lawyers in the United States to pursue your claims in the jurisdiction where the injury occurred, when necessary.  


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