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Motorcycle Accident Claims

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As the snow melts, and the warmer weather finally arrives, motorcycle owners are also excited to take their beloved motorcycle out for a ride.  Despite the popularity of motorcycles in Southern Ontario, it is well known that motorcycles can be dangerous. This is not because of the people who operate them, but rather because of the minimal protection offered to the motorcycle rider.  Many will blame wet roads, young drivers, or reckless decisions, but the truth is that the other driver’s actions play a crucial role in most motorcycle accidents. Sadly, this means that motorcycle accidents in Ontario can result in serious injuries, sometimes even death.


Often, motorcyclists are struck by vehicles making a left turn, simply because the driver of the vehicle did not see the motorcycle, as they were not paying attention.  Other times, driver’s of vehicles will change lanes into a motorcycle.  


What are my Rights?


If you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, please know that you are not alone, and we know how to help.  Even if you are at fault for the accident, you can still access your own Statutory Accident Benefits. This is particularly important if the injuries you sustained are catastrophic.  


If the Accident was due to the negligence of another driver or party, you also have the right sue the at-fault party damages including your pain and suffering, future income loss, future care costs and more.  


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Following a Motorcycle accident, you need to speak to an experienced lawyer before talking to your insurance company.  We have the experience you need to successfully initiate and complete an insurance claim against your own insurance company, as well the at fault party.  We offer free consultation and no fees upfront. We only charge if we are successful in recovering money for you. This is our no Win no Fee promise. Call Pranzitelli Law Today.




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