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Pedestrian Accidents

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Toronto and York Region Pedestrian Accident Lawyer


Motor Vehicle Accidents involving pedestrians are frightening, dangerous and unfortunately, quite common, especially in urban centres such as Vaughan and Toronto.  Ontario pedestrian accidents occur on roadways, crosswalks, intersections and often times in driveways and parking lots. The frequency of pedestrian accidents increases with poor weather and poor lighting conditions.  Sadly, accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists often result in serious orthopaedic injuries, catastrophic injury or death in the case of a pedestrian fatality accident.


Ontario Drivers Owe Duty of Care to Pedestrians



In Ontario, motorists owe a duty of care to pedestrians.  When a pedestrian is struck by a car or other motor vehicle in Ontario, there is a presumption of negligence against the driver of the motor vehicle.  This reverse onus for pedestrian accidents is created by the Highway Traffic Act. As such, the driver and owner of the motor vehicle that strikes a pedestrian in Ontario will have the onus of proving that the loss or damage did not arise through the negligence or improper conduct of the owner/driver of the motor vehicle.   Nonetheless, pedestrian motor vehicle accidents in Ontario are often vigorously defended. There are a number of reported cases where the owners and drivers have been successful in shifting blame to the pedestrian.

In accidents involving serious injuries or death due to pedestrian and motor vehicle collisions, it is extremely important to have the advice and counsel of an Ontario personal injury lawyer.  


If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian accident in Ontario, contact Pranzitelli Law Firm to speak with an Ontario lawyer. We offer prospective clients a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. There is no obligation.



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