Simple or Uncontested Divorce

Divorce can be a hard and confusing topic to understand. There are essentially three types of divorce – simple uncontested divorce, joint uncontested divorce, and divorce with other contested relief.




Uncontested divorce, also known as simple divorce, is when you and your ex partner agree to divorce. This varies from contested divorce. The word “contested” means to oppose or engage in competition to attain authority and/or power. Contested divorce refers to not agreeing over the different aspects of a divorce, including the distribution of assets or child custody.

Uncontested divorce allows spouses to remain civil while dividing their marital assets, custody, and support. There are different pros and cons when it comes to uncontested divorce.


Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce Include:

  • A significantly lesser cost
  • Less conflict between spouses
  • More privacy and control over your outcomes
  • You’re likely to keep more of your assets in your pockets



The Cons of an Uncontested Divorce Include:

  • When there’s a history of unbalanced power in a relationship, one spouse may have an unfair advantage
  • Uncontested divorce is not a good path to take if you and your partner can’t have healthily communicate


When you choose to get an uncontested divorce, you have the option to do it with the assistance of a lawyer. With this, your lawyer can factor in your unique interests to produce an outcome you’re satisfied with. You and your spouse will need to get your own lawyers, since they cannot represent both of you. If you are thinking of getting a simple divorce, contact Pranzitelli Law Firm today for a free consultation.