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What Are the Common Mistakes Made when Filing for LTD Benefits?

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What Are the Common Mistakes Made when Filing for LTD Benefits?

It is never too early to retain the services of an attorney to represent you in your disability case. It is recommended that you contact an LTD lawyer as soon as you are unable to work to discuss your options. You have nothing to lose by contacting a long-term disability lawyer for a free consultation or case evaluation over the phone or in person.

Many workers wait to consult with an attorney until their claim is denies by the organisation, however, hiring an LTD lawyer to assist with your initial application can actually safeguard your interests and is highly recommended. Here are some common errors made by unrepresented workers attempting to file an LTD claim on their own:

One of the common error made by workers is leaving a job and then attempting to file for disability benefits without hiring an LTD lawyer. A majority of employer-provided LTD policies state that coverage ends when the employment relationship ends, so it is important to apply for LTD benefits at the earliest.

Changing careers to a less demanding or lower-paying position Employees who make good-faith efforts to continue working despite their impairments may unintentionally jeopardize a potential LTD claim.

Working in a less strenuous occupation can make it more difficult to win an “own occupation” claim, while taking a lower-paying job can reduce your future monthly LTD amount.

Making mistakes when filing an LTD benefits application Insurance companies frequently design their paperwork to elicit responses that could be used to justify a denial. A long-term disability lawyer can warn you about the common tricks and traps used by insurers to deny benefits.

If you’ve already submitted your initial application and it had been denied, it’s highly recommended that you just hire an attorney to assist together with your administrative appeals. Both group and individual LTD policies contain strict timelines, so it’s important to not delay in getting justified compensation. One should rummage around for a reputed and renowned LTD law firm with a proven record of fighting and winning their clients’ rightful long-term benefits.

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