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At Pranzitelli Law Firm, we care about quality. The quality of people, their abilities, but also the quality of their humanity, which we are pulling together for a common success.

The most important supporting point for the provision of our services are members of our team. Thanks to their talent, skills and enthusiasm we can do our job perfectly. And that is why we do not say that we do everything but just what our members really can do and know. People are our most valuable asset. Our team consists not only of employees of our law firm but also of independent experts, co-workers and partners who belong to the elite in their field. Building and maintaining a network of experts and appropriate contacts is a key element for us.

Adriano Pranzitelli

Owner, Partner
Adriano obtained an Honours B.A. with a double major in Criminology and Law and Society from York University.

Alessia Channell

lawyer, consultant
Alessia Channell has been a part of the Pranzitelli Law Firm since 2021.

Katerina Krasnyanskaya

lawyer, consultant
Katerina joined Pranzitelli Law Firm in 2021 and is now completing her articling.

Julia Bezerra

lawyer, consultant
Julia joined Pranzitelli Law in 2020. Julia is a 2024 JD Candidate at the University of Western.

Isabella Duarte

lawyer, consultant
Isabella joined the firm as a volunteer in summer of 2021 and got hired as a legal assistant in fall 2021.

Mohammad Mirabdolbaghi

lawyer, consultant
Mohammad Mirabdolbaghi joined Pranzitelli Law Firm in 2022 and is now completing his articling.

Alexandria De Santis

lawyer, consultant
Alex became a part of Pranzitelli Law firm in 2022 as a volunteer and is now one of our newest legal assistants.

Gloria O.

lawyer, consultant
Gloria has proudly been a part of Pranzitelli Law Firm, since its inception. Following a long and successful career in the financial sector, Gloria joined Pranzitelli Law firm in 2012.

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PoweLegal always works with the criteria for top quality work. the discipline and profession

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We have the best skilled lawyers with many years of background knowledge and experience.

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No matter how big or small my clients are, I advise them on the way to find a winning solution

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We are different. We are not a regular employer and partner. We take care of the pleasant environment, relationships, motivations and ambitions of our people, as well as of the harmony between work and family life. We believe that provision of legal services is not just a normal job. It is a life mission, which requires predetermined characteristics and abilities.

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