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Author: adriano

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4 Tips For Hiring An Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Hiring a divorce lawyer can be a daunting task, especially if you're not sure what to look for. If you're considering an uncontested divorce, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you hire the right lawyer for the job. Here are four tips for hiring an uncontested divorce lawyer: Look for experience Make sure they're certified Ask about their success rate Get a consultation Following these tips will help you hire the right uncontested divorce lawyer for your needs. Uncontested Divorce Lawyer - Is It Worth It? When going through a divorce, you want to make sure...

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When to Hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer?

When a person becomes disabled due to illness or injury, there is a huge physical, mental, and financial strain on them. There are options like long-term disability insurance to help people in such situations, but unfortunately, the insurer’s outright refusal makes things worse for the victim. Thus, if a person is unable to work due to a long-term disability and has long-term disability Insurance (LTD), they should consult with an experienced LTD attorney as soon as possible to improve their chances of success. Many people don’t hire an attorney until they are denied long-term disability benefits. If you are denied your...

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The Advantages of Hiring a Pedestrian Accidents lawyer

If you were injured by a vehicle while crossing the street or along the side of the road, you have a right to get compensation for recovery from the responsible party. There are pedestrian accident lawyers that can help you recover the damages, so you can recover, physically, emotionally and financially. Pedestrian accidents can be as dangerous as to cause death and catastrophic injury to the pedestrian. These accidents often disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in society including the children between the ages of 5 and 9 are the most likely to be hit by cars. Also, there is high probability...

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Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

One of the common causes of motor cycle accidents is the failure of the drivers of other vehicles to yield to motorbikes in traffic. Such collision has potential to cause a wide range of injuries, from painful but transient ones like whiplash and road rash to permanently disfiguring ones like amputations, brain injuries, burns, and disfigurement. You'll need a capable motorcycle accident lawyer on your side if you were hurt in a motorbike accident in order to receive the money you require. Depending on your situation, you can be qualified for a variety of insurance advantages. These may consist of: ...

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If I am at fault for the accident, am I still entitled to any benefits?

If you were responsible for an accident in Ontario - whether you struck another vehicle, pedestrian, or even a cyclist, you are still entitled to receive support in the form of Statutory Accident Benefits. You might be wondering, what are Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS)? SABS is a form of no-fault insurance. This means that a driver may recover Accident Benefits, regardless of their fault. If the accident renders you unable to work or perform basic daily tasks, like getting dressed or fed, you are eligible for benefits and/or compensation. Under SABS, you can be eligible for the following benefits: Income Replacement...

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What are structured settlements in Ontario Personal Injury Law?

Structured settlements are compensation a plaintiff receives for their injuries in installments over a fixed period of time. They are strictly available for people negotiating personal injury settlements. A structured settlement can be tailored to the plaintiff's needs, with compensation distributed in bi-weekly or monthly increments over a minimum of five years, or delivered as a lump sum years down the road. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can customize them as you like. The structure, however, cannot be modified once it has been confirmed. Why Should You Choose a Structured Settlement? Settlement money is typically used...

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What Juries Probably Don’t Know

Juries in Ontario are usually used in criminal trials, however, they can be used to support personal injury trials, as they make important decisions based on facts and evidence they are provided at a trial, influencing the outcome of a case. To understand what juries are not allowed to know, first you must understand what a jury is. In car accident cases, 6 citizens are randomly selected from the community, and swear in court that they will listen to all of the evidence and decide whether the Crown has proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt. (i.e. they will decide whether...

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Distracted Driving in Ontario

Distracted driving is a rapidly growing problem that impacts hundreds of Ontarians every day. Nowadays, it’s almost an even bigger problem than impaired driving; in fact, distracted driving causes 8 in 10 collisions in Canada. Distracted driving is defined as “the practice of driving a motor vehicle while engaged in another activity, typically one that involves the use of a mobile phone or other electronic device.” Distracted driving laws in Ontario typically only apply to using handheld devices, like your phone, and electronic entertainment devices, such as a DVD player or e-reader. Simply holding one of these devices while driving can...

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Simple or Uncontested Divorce Divorce can be a hard and confusing topic to understand. There are essentially three types of divorce - simple uncontested divorce, joint uncontested divorce, and divorce with other contested relief.       Uncontested divorce, also known as simple divorce, is when you and your ex partner agree to divorce. This varies from contested divorce. The word “contested” means to oppose or engage in competition to attain authority and/or power. Contested divorce refers to not agreeing over the different aspects of a divorce, including the distribution of assets or child custody. Uncontested divorce allows spouses to remain civil while dividing their marital...

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Why Is It Necessary to Hire a Lawyer in Slip and Fall Accidents?

There are a few kinds of personal injury cases in which you don’t need to hire a lawyer, and you will be just fine making a claim on your own after a minor accident or injury where the driver was clearly at fault. But this is not the case with most slip and fall cases. For two reasons, such cases are not fine for self-representation. First, the fault of a person in a slip and fall case is usually not clear and property owners usually don’t accept legal responsibility until the liability is obvious. Secondly, it is common for defendants to...

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