When you are not able to work due to disability or injury, your insurance policy, which is intended to act as a safety net for you and your family, is actually riddled with loopholes. Rather than being your life savior, most insurance companies hope you will make fatal application or claim form mistakes. It is always recommended to hire an experienced LTD lawyer through an LTD law firm.

Major insurance companies provide long-term disability policies as an emergency income to help cover expenses during extended illnesses or injuries. Also, insurance companies seldom hurry to help individuals after a catastrophic injury or serious illness. It is the reason why it is necessary for an experienced attorney to be in a case. Many times, individual and group disability insurance claim forms are intentionally vague and misleading. If you are not familiar with the tricky legal terms and conditions of your policy or you don’t understand them, you may have to face a wrongful delay or denial of your claim.

A lot of disability insurance carriers in Vaughan may deny your individual or group disability claim if an individual has suffered an “intentionally self-inflicted injury.” If you misrepresent questions about your responsibility for an accident, you may face immediate denial of disability benefits.

Disabled workers are often unable to effectively challenge a denial of their disability benefits. Insurance companies may even trick applicants into believing that they are not eligible for disability benefits. One must be cautious while admitting any of the following:

  • That the injuries were “intentional” or “self-inflicted”
  • That the victim has participated in illegal, negligent, or reckless activity.
  • That the victim has a pre-existing injury or illness.
  • That victim served in the military.

Applicants may admit that they had been injured in the same area before, even when it was completely healed, or the insurance company may mention that the current accident significantly aggravated the previous injury. Thus, it is always necessary to look for a reputed and experienced LTD law firm to fight for your rights and appoint them from the very beginning, before even filling out the form. They guide you through the entire procedure and help you to get the maximum benefits.